Ant Man is a superhero that uses Pym Particles to shrink and grow in size. Ant Man is a scientist
Animated Ant-Man 1

Ant Man in his armored suit

that created Pym Particles. He was of the original members of the Avengers alongside Captain America and Iron Man. His secret identity is Hank Pym. He is the leader of the Avengers. Like in the comics, he likes the Wasp . Unlike the comics, he wears an battle armor suit based on the regular Ant Man one, but thats only because of the futuristic look of the show. He first appeared in the episode Avengers Assemble part 1. In his armor, Ant Man has four green lenses on his metal mask and red metal shoulder pads. He wears black gloves with red rectangles on them. He also has visible metal antennas. He has a belt that has a red A on it. Most of his armor has silver and grey on it.
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Ant Man without armored suit