Egghead is a supervillain scientist. He first appeared in the episode"Egg Stream Vengeance
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Disguised as a long-legged clown at a Thanksgiving Day Parade, Egghead tampered with Hank Pym's "Pym Particles" by blowing special bubbles at him while he was fighting a brought to life dinosaur float. When he arrives at Avengers Mansion with the press, he used a countermeasure to restore Ant-Man to his rightful height but later caused him to shrink. While Wasp stays behind to watch over Ant-Man, the other Avengers went out to hunt Egghead. After Scarlet Witch deactivated the security system around Egghead's house, the other Avengers managed to apprehend Egghead and bring him to Avengers Mansion. When Ant-Man was cured by Wasp, he sprayed Egghead with his own serum with half-life Pym Particles that will leave him small for a few hours. Hawkeye manages to trap Egghead in a jar and give him to the arriving police officers as Scarlet Witch gives them Egghead's recorded confession.